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Professor Duncan Matthews invited as a keynote speaker at a Workshop on recent challenges in Pharmaceutical Markets

 has been invited as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Workshop on Recent Challenges in Competition an IP in Pharmaceutical Markets by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


Affordable access to many drugs is made difficult by high prices. At the same time, serious questions are being asked about the degree of innovation and value offered by increasingly costly treatments.

In relation to this, the one-day OECD workshop, taking place on 26 February 2019 in Paris, will study the interaction between competition and IP rights in pharmaceutical markets.

Presentation by the keynote speakers will cover the relevance of IP in pharmaceutical sector, and how it impacts competition enforcement, and will also involve discussion of anticompetitive practices in the pharmaceutical sector where IP rights have an impact on enforcement.

The workshop will also discuss the challenges of investigating and sanctioning anticompetitive practices, in an aim to identify potential best practices.



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