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Health and Safety Directorate

Waste Water - Trade Effluent

There are 4 types of waste water produced by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL):

  • Normal waste water from sinks, toilets, etc.
  • Surface water runoff from rain falling on the ground and buildings (this is the reason why the management of spills is important).
  • Trade effluent waste generated from certain operations including commercial research.
  • Laboratory wastes associated with publically funded research and teaching.

Further details on how the final two waste water streams should be managed can be found below and whilst our water discharge permits only apply to commercial research we apply the same standard to all waste water arising from laboratories and similar.

QMUL Permits


For Advice and Assistance at QMUL, contact the H&S Manager / Advisor for your Faculty / PS or the subject lead at 

All H&S staff can be contacted via the help desk at

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