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CiTI: a Centre for Inflammation and Therapeutic Innovation

Sponsored Competitions

Postdoctoral Innovator Competition 2016

Queen Mary Innovation (QMI) recently ran a Postdoctoral Innovator 2016 competition, whereby postdoctoral scientists with an invention or idea that could lead to a commercial opportunity were asked to answer 3 questions.

  • What is your idea?
  • What is the background or rationale that led to your idea?
  • And how can you usefully apply your idea to medical research and development?


The three best innovative research ideas that have the potential to lead to a commercial opportunity were selected and received a cash prize of £500 each. The winners were:

 Dr David Coe -QMI prize for the idea: New Method for Creating Effector Cells

 Dr Giulia De Rossi -FMD prize for the idea: A novel anti-angiogenic agent

 Dr Joe Briscoe -CiTI prize for the idea: Piezoelectric antibacterial cleaning of implants

 The prizes were kindly supported by:

  • Queen Mary University London Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD)
  • CiTI (Centre for Inflammation and Therapeutic Innovation)
  • Queen Mary Innovation (QMI)
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