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Neuroscience student completes summer programme at the Francis Crick Institute

Maria Riscado Ramos talks about her experience.

Maria Riscado Ramos

This summer I had the honour of taking part in the Crick-Calleva Summer Student programme at the Francis Crick Institute. Under the supervision of Andrea Adden and as a member of the Prieto-Godino lab, I worked in developing and optimising behavioural assays to determine the response of tsetse flies to larviposition pheromones, which presented a fantastic opportunity to conduct research within neuroethology, a fascinating field not covered in our BSc Neuroscience curriculum.

This experience has and (I’m sure) will prove pivotal in my next steps as I pursue a career in academia. Carrying out research independently provided me with first-hand insight into the importance of organisation and resilience in science. Having complete autonomy over my project, I gained dexterity in insect handling and odour preparation, amongst other techniques, and always counted with Andrea’s and the lab’s support.

I believe the Crick is a fantastic institution in which to complete an internship. Their emphasis in providing a holistic first-hand experience shined through the vast number of opportunities offered throughout the program; from seminars and PhD workshops to the Summer Student Symposium, where I presented my 2-month research project to the community of attending scientists.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and I’ll be glad to help out!

Maria Riscado Ramos
BSc Neuroscience, Year 3



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