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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Congratulations to Centre of the Cell on welcoming its 150,000th visitor in June 2017.

The Blizard Institute’s science education centre, Centre of the Cell, reached a milestone of 150,000 participants in June 2017.

Inside the Pod (Credit: Nick Wood for Land Design)

Inside the Pod (Credit: Nick Wood for Land Design)

Centre of the Cell ( has five main aims: to inspire the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals; stimulate dialogue, interest and excitement about biomedical research; raise aspirations, especially in the local community; widen participation in further and higher education and to help improve health and wellbeing especially in East London.

The next exciting phase for Centre of the Cell is the construction of ‘Neuron Pod’, due to open in Summer 2018. This second Pod has been planned to address huge visitor demand, and will increase both visitor numbers and dwell time on site.Centre of the Cell's Pod

Well done to all of the team!

Centre of the Cell team



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