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Build, test, repeat: meet the scientist-turned-entrepreneur by accident

Dr Madusha Peiris, Senior Lecturer in Enteric Neurobiology at Queen Mary University of London and founder of spinout company Enterika, was recently interviewed for City AM's Founder's Spotlight

Image of Dr Madusha Peiris

Dr Madusha Peiris, founder of Queen Mary spinout company Enterika Ltd

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Enterika is an exciting new spinout company from Queen Mary University of London. Enterika emerged out of a decade of Queen Mary research which discovered that you can make people feel fuller by targeting certain combinations of nutrients to the lower gut, which in turn releases hormones into the blood stream and activates sensory nerves to suppress your appetite.

The spinout company recently secured £50k from Innovate UK to test how different doses of their novel drug-free weight-loss pill impacts how much you eat. The results will lead to larger studies to assess how much weight you can lose. Queen Mary Innovation, the university’s technology transfer arm, also previously helped Enterika Ltd secure funding from the Queen Mary Investment Fund (QMIF) – a new fund to help commercialise the university’s world-class research and to support early-stage business spinouts.



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