Zero Tolerance

Specialist support if you’ve experienced sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 and involves unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which violates your dignity, makes you feel intimidated or humiliated, or creates a hostile or offensive environment. You do not need to have previously objected to someone’s behaviour for it to be considered unwanted.

It is recommended that you keep a note of dates and times of each incident, details of what happened and what was said. If a harasser has touched you, this is sexual or indecent assault and you can report them to the Police if you want to.

If you’re being treated badly or less favourably because of your reaction to sexual harassment, you may have a claim under the Equality Act, which states that this is also harassment. You are protected if you reject or are subjected to the harassment.

Victim Support offers emotional and practical support regardless of whether you have told the Police or anyone else about the assault. Victim Support’s ISVAs (Independent Sexual Violence Advocates) are specially trained advisors and specialist caseworkers who can help you decide on what action you want to take and what help feels right for you. ISVAs often support survivors through the criminal justice system, if you choose to report the crime, and co-ordinate health and support services.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau
The Citizen’s Advice Bureau has lots of information about sexual harassment, including what your rights are by law. They also offer support and have offices around London you can visit.

The Mix
The Mix offers support on a range of issues for people under the age of 25 through articles, videos, phone, email, peer to peer and counselling services.