Zero Tolerance

Reporting sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 and involves unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which violates your dignity, makes you feel intimidated or humiliated, or creates a hostile or offensive environment. You do not need to have previously objected to someone’s behaviour for it to be considered unwanted.

It is recommended that you keep a note of dates and times of each incident, details of what happened and what was said. If a harasser has touched you, this is sexual or indecent assault and you can report them to the Police if you want to.

If you’re being treated badly or less favourably because of your reaction to sexual harassment, you may have a claim under the Equality Act, which states that this is also harassment. You are protected if you reject or are subjected to the harassment.

You can report sexual harassment in the following ways:

Report to Queen Mary


You can report allegations of harassment, bullying, sexual violence, sexual harassment, hate crime and discrimination to the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office under the Code of Student Discipline. A Casework Officer from the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office will meet with you privately to discuss the issues that you have raised and will explain to you how your case will be handled, how to make your report and who to address your report to.

The Student Complaints Policy makes it clear that any student who submits a complaint in good faith will not suffer any detriment as a result of any action taken under the Student Complaints Policy.


In the first instance, you should contact your Line Manager to report any allegation of harassment, assault, hate crime, bullying and discrimination. Where the Line Manager is the alleged perpetrator, staff should contact the designated HR person for their directorate/school/department.

Further information is available on the Dignity at Work and Study Procedure and on the Dignity at Work webpage. Information on how to raise concerns is available in the Dignity at Work and Study General Guidance.

The Police

If a harasser has touched you, this can be classed as sexual or indecent assault and you can report them to the Police if you want to. You can do so by calling 101 or 999 if you’re in immediate danger.