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Centre for the Study of Migration

The Centre for the Study of Migration is located in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen Mary University of London and is directed by Dr Kavita Datta, Reader in Geography at the School of Geography. It fosters inter-disciplinary work and acts as a focal point for research on migration and diaspora. The Centre has a special interest in research on migration in and through the East End of London as well as an interest in research with an international and comparative focus.

The Centre for the Study of Migration benefits from the expertise of colleagues drawn from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science and beyond including academics, post-doctoral and postgraduate students based in the Schools of Geography, English and Drama, Politics and International Relations, Law, Medicine and Dentistry.

The interests of those working with the Centre allow for interdisciplinary dialogue on migration and diaspora aiding the development of multi- and transnational perspectives. Research interests of colleagues range from the historical to the contemporary and include:

  • Diverse processes of migration (temporary, permanent and onward) and settlement in London
  • refugee and migrant health issues, including HIV Aids and TB
  • border controls, populations flows and security
  • low paid work and transnational migration
  • the migration-development nexus
  • religion, society and immigration
  • rights for non-citizens
  • migration and culture
  • representations of migrants in film and photography
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