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NIHR Global Health Research Group


Protocol Publications:

Our protocol paper detailing the three trials being conducted in Bosnia, Colombia and Uganda was published in June 2019 in BMC Psychiatry.

Priebe S, Fung C, Sajun S Z et al. Resource-oriented interventions for patients with severe mental illnesses in low- and middle-income countries: trials in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia and UgandaBMC Psychiatry 2019; 19: 181.

protocol paper [PDF 595KB]

We have also published a protocol paper describing the work on DIALOG+ in Primary Care settings: 

van Loggerenberg, F., McGrath, M., Akena, D. et al. (2021) Feasibility, experiences and outcomes of using DIALOG+ in primary care to improve quality of life and mental distress of patients with chronic conditions: an exploratory non-controlled trial in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia and Uganda. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 7, 180 (2021).


PhD Publications:

The PhD affiliated with the group has produced a coceptual review on the concept of global mental health:

Vian Rajabzadeh, Erin Burn, Sana Z. Sajun, Mimi Suzuki, Victoria Jane Bird, Stefan Priebe (2021). Understanding global mental health: a conceptual review. BMJ Global Health 2021;6:e004631

Rajabzadeh V, McGrath, M, van Loggerenberg F, Bird VJ, and Priebe S. Expectations and experiences of a global mental health research programme: A prospective longitudinal evaluation. BMJ Open 2022; 12:e059590. doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2021-059590.


Study Outcome Publications:

Botero-Rodríguez, F., Hernandez, M.C., Uribe-Restrepo, J.M. et al. Experiences and outcomes of group volunteer befriending with patients with severe mental illness: an exploratory mixed-methods study in Colombia. BMC Psychiatry 21, 239 (2021).

Sikira, H., Janković, S., Slatina, M., Muhić, M., Sajun, S., Priebe, S., & Džubur Kulenović, A. (2021). The effectiveness of volunteer befriending for improving the quality of life of patients with schizophrenia in Bosnia and Herzegovina – an exploratory randomised controlled trial. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, 30, E48.

S.Slatina Murga, S. Janković, M.Muhić, H.Sikira, E.Burn, S.Priebe, A.Džubur Kulenović (2021). Effectiveness of a structured intervention to make routine clinical meetings therapeutically effective (DIALOG+) for patients with depressive and anxiety disorders in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A cluster randomised controlled trial. Psychiatry Research Communications, Vol 1, Issue 2, December 2021. 

Saniya Saleem, Anayat Baig, Sana Sajun, Victoria Bird, Stefan Priebe & Aneeta Pasha. (2021) A mixed methods exploration of the role of multi-family groups in community treatment of patients with depression and anxiety in Pakistan. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, volume 15, Article number: 78. 

M.Muhić, S.Janković, H.Sikira, S.Slatina Murga, M.McGrath, C.Fung, S.Priebe, A.Džubur Kulenović. (2022) Multifamily groups for patients with schizophrenia: an exploratory randomised controlled trial in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology,

Hana Sikira, Sabina Slatina Murga, Maja Muhić, Alma Džubur Kulenović and Stefan Priebe. (2022) Common patient experiences across three resource-oriented interventions for severe mental illness: a qualitative study in low-resource settings. BMC Psychiatry, (2022) 22:408,


Research Brief Summary:

A research brief describing the set of studies, results and implications has also been published, and can be accessed by clicking on this link: Globe Study Research Brief [PDF 673KB].

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