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Health and Safety Directorate

Student Placements

Workplaces can present a multitude of hazards, which if not managed, could lead to ill-health, injury or even, fatality. People entering work for the first time are more vulnerable than others and for many students a placement is their first experience of full-time work, or indeed work at all.

Everyone involved in a placement has an ethical and legal responsibility to do what they can to reduce the chances of harm to the student and the harm that a student may do to others. The University has therefore put together a policy and associated resources to ensure that Schools, Institutes and Directorates have the appropriate tools to manage this risk effectively.

Policy and Risk Assessment


Risk assessment

Preparing the student prior to their placement 

Other resources

QMUL insurance webpage

ASET Good Practice Guide for Health and Safety for Student Placements

USHA Guidance on Health and Safety of Placements for Higher Education Students

Foreign travel advice

Advice from the Health and Safety Directorate

For advice and assistance at QMUL, contact the H&S Manager / Adviser for your Faculty / PS. All H&S staff can be contacted via the HS Helpdesk.



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