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Health and Safety Directorate

Working Off-Site

Working off-site encompasses any work (including fieldwork and research activities) that takes place on non-Queen Mary premises. This can range from more simple activities such as attending a conference or organising a trip to a museum, through to research trips in remote or hazardous locations. Please note, however, that it does not relate to remote working from home.

It is imperative that these activities are appropriately planned and controls proportionate to the risk level are implemented prior to the work commencing.

If the off-site work includes travelling abroad, this can incorporate additional hazards which will also need to be considered.

All Schools / Institutes / Directorates at Queen Mary should have their own thorough processes in place for managing off-site work. They should clearly outline how risk assessments are completed, approved, implemented, and reviewed, as well as identifying roles and responsibilities for those involved in off-site working, including Supervisors / Line Managers who will remain on campus as a base contact. This flowchart provides an outline of the overall process for working off-site that should be in place and followed.

The University’s Working Off-site Guidance has been produced to help and guide you when planning all off-site work, including fieldwork and working overseas.

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