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Health and Safety Directorate

Event Safety

Events should be planned and organised effectively to ensure the health, safety and welfare of staff, students, visitors and any other persons using the University’s premises, whether the event be a graduation, an open day, or a lecture.

The event organiser will be responsible for ensuring that suitable and sufficient arrangements and controls are in place to eliminate or reduce risks. The information and templates compiled on this page are to support event organisers in achieving this.

Event Safety Policy and Guidance

The Event Safety Policy and Guidance establishes the framework for risk assessment, the risk controls, and the health, safety and welfare measures to be adopted and implemented for events organised on site by QMUL staff and students; and for others who may be affected by QMUL events. It provides a way of demonstrating that the University is following good practice to manage events. This document contains the following appendices:

  • Robin Brook Centre Out of Hours Events
  • Event Risk Assessment Checklist

To help you get started, view an example event risk assessment here: Event Safety Example Risk Assessment [DOC 43KB]

Safety during filming:  Guide, assessment and information for external film makers wanting to access restricted areas within QMUL. Most of the information is equally relevant in public areas of the site. Filming Safety [DOC 27KB]


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