Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance campaign: Our work to prevent harassment, bullying and hate crime

Zero Tolerance is a joint campaign organised by both the University and the Students’ Union that aims to change the culture and tackle issues of harassment, bullying and hate crime..

What are we doing?

In support of Zero Tolerance, we have worked together to provide guidance for staff and students through new and revised policies. The Dignity at Work and Study General Guidance provides information on our rights and responsibilities and how we expect our staff and students to behave with one another. This is supported by a new Dignity at Work and Study Policy and an updated Code of Student Discipline.

The new Policy on Relationships between Staff and Students is intended to ensure that the staff-student relationship is one that is founded on mutual trust, confidence and respect.

In the Students’ Union, we have already launched our Zero Tolerance work through training for student groups and raising awareness with new students. Within the University, we are providing briefing sessions on the new guidance and policies.

What’s next?

We want to ensure people understand what bullying and harassment is, feel comfortable to report incidents, take time to reflect on their own behaviours and speak up when they see something happening.

We recognise that this is only the beginning, and we need your help to understand existing problems and to work towards a truly inclusive environment where everyone at Queen Mary has the opportunity to thrive.

Get involved

Even if you’ve never experienced an incidence of bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual assault or hate crime, you can still get involved with Zero Tolerance.

We want as many students and staff members as possible to get involved and to show their support. If you want to tell your story, be involved with setting up a new support network or growing an existing one, or influence ongoing work, we want to hear from you.

If you would like to get involved, please email (Please note this email address is intended for campaign purposes only; please use the relevant section to access support or to make a report.)