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Reporting an incident

If you are in immediate danger or have been seriously injured, you should contact the emergency services by calling 999.

Reporting to Queen Mary

If you are experiencing harassment or bullying, it may be possible for you to address the issue informally, either by speaking or writing to the person concerned, and expressing the impact their behaviour is having on you.

If you feel the informal procedure is not appropriate, or has not been effective, you can submit a formal complaint to the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office using the Student Complaints Policy. In order to support your complaint, you should include as much detail as possible about the issues that you wish to be considered.

If your case relates to a complaint about another student, a Casework Officer from the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office will meet with you in order to discuss the issues that you have raised and will explain to you how your case will be handled.

If your case relates to a complaint about a member of Queen Mary staff, then it may be that your case will be considered by the Human Resources Directorate.

The Student Complaints Policy makes it clear that any student who submits a complaint in good faith will not suffer any detriment as a result of any action taken under the Student Complaints Policy.

Further guidance can be found in the Harassment Guidance for Students document

Reporting to the Police

It is your choice about whether to report the incident to the Police. The Police have dedicated teams of specially trained officers to support people affected by sexual violence. You can call the Police on 999 if it is an emergency or if the incident happened in the last few hours, or 101 if not. Within an hour you should be introduced to a Police Officer specially trained in dealing with sexual offences. More information is available about how the police in London can support you if you have been affected by sexual violence.

Reporting a hate crime

For information on hate crime and online reporting see here.

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