Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Statistical Consultancy Service

From January 2019 the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine will be offering a statistical consultancy service for research staff and PhD students who require statistical support. We are not currently in a position to handle all requests, so if a suitable statistician cannot be found or if the work is too tangential to our expertise or interests then we will have to decline the request. Users of this service will be required to complete a Summary of Project form, detailing the research aims and the questions which are required for statistical support. If a study protocol exists, please send this with the Summary of Project form. The initial consultation will normally be for one hour, and If necessary, there may be subsequent consultations.

The initial consultation will be charged at £80 per hour for staff and students at QMUL or Barts, with a minimum charge of £100.  Subsequent consultations may be charged at a higher rate, depending on the complexity of the questions raised and the seniority of the staff member assigned to respond. If we accept your request, then we will contact you with an estimate of the initial cost.  It is therefore vital that researchers frame their questions in a concise manner to ensure that they do not incur unnecessary charges.  Please note that statistical consultancy for organisations external to QMUL or Barts will incur a higher minimum rate of £150 per hour, which again may be increased based on the duration of the work and the seniority of the staff member involved.

A further condition of the service is that for work involving more than 4 hours, the consulting statistician will be invited to be a co-author of any relevant publication arising from the work.

To request a consultation, please download the Summary Project Form [DOC 39KB], which also includes payment details – and please remember to attach a study protocol with your application. 

Please send the completed Summary Project form to: wipm_statsconsult@qmul.ac.uk