Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Molecular markers for prognosis of prostate cancer

Centre for Cancer Prevention

Project Investigator:  Professor Jack Cuzick


For more than a decade we have been assembling a cohort of men with clinically localised prostate cancer who have been managed conservatively.

We have collected diagnostic tumour blocks as well as clinical information on PSA, clinical stage, and all samples have had Gleason grade read using a contemporary interpretation.  Many important markers have been identified. By far the most predictive has been a 31 gene expression profile based on cell cycle genes.

Current work continues to validate this score, especially in needle biopsies, and to explore new genes and the value of DNA methylation of selected genes.

Other work will examine heterogeneity in the scoreacross the full tumour and the value of this score in serial biopsies in providing early indicators of progression.


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