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Understanding the Increasing Rate of Involuntary Admission in NHS Mental Health Care: TheEnglish National Study of Compulsory Admissions (ENSCA)

Centre for Psychiatry

Funding Body:  National Institute of Health Research - HS&DR Programme (project number 10/1011/

Project Investigator:  Kamaldeep Bhui


Rates of compulsory admission have increased in England in recent decades, and this trend is accelerating.  Studying variation in rates between people and places can help identify modifiable causes. This study quantifies and models variances in the rate of compulsory admission in England at different spatial levels, and assesses the extent to which this was explained by characteristics of people and places.

Cross-sectional multilevel statistical modelling was applied to Mental Health Minimum Dataset (MHMDS) data on 1,287,730 patients in England from 95% of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), 93% of General Practices and all 69 NHS providers of specialist mental health services.

Funding: NIHR HS&DR Programme (project number 10/1011/70)


  • Kamaldeep Bhui
  • Scott Weich
  • Orla McBride
  • Liz Twigg
  • Patrick Keown
  • Eva Cyhlarova
  • Helen Parsons
  • Jan Scott

Main Contact

Professor Kamaldeep Bhui
Email: k.s.bhui@qmul.ac.uk