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Safety of medication use in pregnancy (EUROmediCAT)

Centre of Environmental and Preventive Medicine

Funding Body:  Commission of the European Community

Project Investigator:  Joan Morris


Medication use in Pregnancy

  • The safety of many medications for use in pregnancy has not been established when the medication is licensed as pregnant women are excluded from pre-marketing clinical trials in humans
  • Many women have chronic diseases where medication use is essential to their health and to the health of their fetus.
  • Postmarketing surveillance is therefore necessary to verify the safety of medications used in pregnancy, and to detect early signs of risks.

The Objectives of EUROmediCAT

  • To develop and test an efficient system for safety evaluation of drugs during pregnancy
  • To quantify the risk of congenital anomalies with; the use during pregnancy of new antiepileptics, insulin analogues, anti-asthmatics and antidepressants
  • To evaluate the use of drugs by pregnant women
  • To study the internet access to drugs and related safety information by pregnant women

Organisation of EUROmediCAT

  • EUROmediCAT uses the EUROCAT (European Surveillance of Congenital Anomalies) network of population-based registers enriched with detailed data on prescribing and dispensing drugs in pregnancy
  • The consortium consists of 9 participant institutions and 8 subcontracted institutions
  • Funded by FP7
  • Professor Morris provides the statistical support for this project

Website: EUROmediCAT



Dr. Johannes Michiel Luteijn
Email: JM.Luteijn@ulster.ac.uk
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