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Reducing Suicidal Thoughts among Turkish Migrants in the Netherlands and in the UK: Effectiveness of an Online Intervention

Centre for Psychiatry

Project Investigator:  Ozlem Eylem


The Turkish speaking migrant population is one of the high risk groups for suicidal behaviours compared to the other ethnic communities in the Netherlands as well as in other countries in Europe (e.g. Germany, the United Kingdom). Although the demand for services is high, this population often do not receive adequate mental health services because of the barriers to seek help (e.g. feelings of shame, language, fear of stigma within their own community) which are difficult to bring face-to-face contact. In the previous trials, online self-help was effective in reducing suicidal thinking and was demonstrated as a promising way to engage with this community by removing the preceding barriers. This project addresses this important issue regarding the delivery of effective mental health services to this ethnic group. It asks whether a culturally adapted, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) based self-help modules are effective in reducing suicidal thinking among this population. The aims of this project are: 1) to translate the existing online self-help programme for suicidal thoughts in Turkish, 2) to adapt the programme according to Turkish culture and 3) to evaluate the effectiveness of the adapted intervention for Turkish migrants with suicidal thoughts.


  • Kamaldeep Bhui
  • Ozlem Eylem

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