Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London


Centre for Cancer Prevention

Funding Body:  Barts & The London Charity

Project Investigator:  Professor Jack Cuzick


PROVENT is the first of a series of planned studies to explore minimally toxic treatments to delay or reverse prostate cancer progression in men with clinically localised disease who are being managed conservatively.

This study is a 3x2 trial of placebo versus low dose (100mg) versus standard dose (300mg) aspirin and also vitamin D3 (4,000units/day) versus placebo.

Pilot studies are about to begin and more than 1,000 men are planned to be randomised in the full study in several dozen centres.

A central part of the study is to evaluate markers for progression both at baseline and serially. They include PSA, testosterone, seru, vitamin D levels, urine, PCA3 and the biopsy based CCP score.