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Multinational study assessing the acceptability and determinanets of compliance to HPV vaccination to women in screening ages 24 to 45 years

Centre for Cancer Prevention

Funding Body:  European Union

Project Investigator:  Professor Jack Cuzick


This multinational study will be conducted in 11 European countries and aims to identify global and local determinants of HPV vaccine acceptability, HPV vaccine uptake and compliance as well as identify logistics and programmatic issues in each country to offer the HPV vaccine, as a potential cervical cancer prevention strategy, to mid-aged women attending screening. 3000 women aged 25-45 years old will be recruited, 25-300 per country. Eligible women will receive a study questionnaire on the HPV vaccine. Women will also be offered the opportunity to receive HPV vaccination.

Professor Cuzick is the National Principal Investigator for the UK and is responsible for the initiation and management of the study, as detailed in the country-specific protocol. In the UK, women will also be asked to perform a self-test for HPV before vaccination and after the final dose. Cervarix for the study will be donated by GlaxoSmithKline.

Main Contact

 Louise Cadman


+44 (0) 20 7882 3506/7