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Interact Trial

Centre of Environmental and Preventive Medicine

Funding Body:  Barts and the London Special Trustees

Project Investigator:  Dr David Wald and Shahena Butt


INTERACT is a randomised controlled clinical trial assessing the effectiveness of programmed text message reminders on adherence to cardiovascular disease preventive medication.

  • 50% of randomised patients will receive a Text Message Programme of periodic medication reminders plus standard care (interventional group)
  • 50% of randomised patients will receive standard care alone (control group)

Trial Sponsor: Queen Mary University of London

Co-ordinating Centre: Wolfson Institute of Preventive Mediicine, Barts and the London School of Medicine


  • A randomised parallel group trial design, involving the enrolment of about 300 patients from General Practices in London.
  • Patients prescribed either cholesterol lowering or blood pressure lowering medications (or both), are randomly assigned to two groups, about 150 receiving periodic Text Message Reminders and about 150 are not. Patients are followed up at their GP practice at 6 and 18 months.

Primary endpoints:

  1. Continuation rate: The proportion of patients in each trial arm remaining on prescribed cholesterol or blood pressure lowering treatment.
  2. Number of days in the last month of the study that patients missed taking their medication.

Secondary endpoints:

  1. Serum cholesterol and blood pressure levels, in each arm at the end of follow up.


Text Messaging Programme Software


Text Scheduling takes three simple steps:

Step 1: Register the patient by entering their name and mobile phone number


Fig 1: Enter patient demographic details and mobile phone number

Step 2: Assign the patient to a text message group (allocated by time of their medication reminder's)


Fig 2: Patient groups are listed by times. Select a timed group or create a new one to assign the patient to a particular group.

Step 3: Assign the patient to a text message group (allocated by time of their medication reminder's)


Fig 3: Once the registered patient is selected, their schedule can be created in the ‘Text Message Method’ section.

Adherence Report

The software application generates an adherence report for each patient based on the responses received over the previous quarter (time period can be customised). The chart below gives an example of a moderately adherent patient.

INTERACT Adherence report



Lower Clapton Health Centre, Hackney
Lead GP: Dr. Nick Brewer

Sorsby Medical Practice, Homerton,
Lead, GP: Dr. Nick Brewer

The Lea Surgery, Homerton
Lead GP: Dr. Ajay Goel

Jubilee Street, Whitechapel
Lead GP: Dr. Salma Ahmed

The Neaman Practice, Barbican
Lead GP: Dr. Caron Loh

The Nightingale Practice, Hackney
Lead GP: Dr. Nisha Patel

The Lawson Practice, Hoxton
Lead GP: Dr. Jonathon Gore

Paxton Green Group Practice, Gypsy Hill
Dr. Gillian Ellsbury


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For further information please contact:

Dr. David Wald
Email: d.s.wald@qmul.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7882 6298
Consultant Cardiologist and Professor

Shahena Butt
Email: s.butt@qmul.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7882 5746
Study Coordinator