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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine (WIPM)

REF 2014 Results

The outside of the Wolfson Institute Building


  • QMUL positioned within the top 10 multi-faculty colleges in the UK and Barts and The London Medical School within the top 5 in the country
  • 90% of outputs in clinical medicine and 80% in health services judged world-leading/internationally excellent
  • Wolfson staff returned in both Clinical Medicine (UoA1) and Health Services (UoA2) and submissions placed respectively 7/31 and 5/32 with grade point averages of 3.28 and 3.29
  • Outputs in the area of preventive medicine (cardiovascular and especially cancer) judged to be particularly strong
  • Wolfson provides 10 impact case studies (8/15 in UoA1 and 2/3 in UoA2)
  • Significant majority of impacts judged to be outstanding in terms of reach and significance
  • Particular strengths of impacts in breast cancer and understanding ethnic inequalities in mental health
  • Vital and sustainable research environment 

Impact Case Studies

UoA1 Anastrozole for oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer [PDF 129KB]

UoA1 Antenatal screening for Down's syndrome [PDF 227KB]

UoA1 Cervical screening [PDF 139KB]

UoA1 Breast cancer screening with two view mammography [PDF 167KB]

UoA1 Radiotherapy for ductal carcinoma and recurrence [PDF 232KB]

UoA1 Sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer [PDF 247KB]

UoA1 Smoking cessation - treating the intractable smoker [PDF 177KB]

UoA1 Environmental tobacco smoke [PDF 153KB]

UoA2 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [PDF 229KB]

UoA2 Ethnic inequalities in mental health [PDF 269KB]