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Una Foye receives Mind in Society award

11 June 2018

Everything you wanted to know about anorexia but were too afraid to ask: debunking the myths of eating disorders

Eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa are becoming increasingly prevalent within modern society. Recent research has highlighted that these illnesses remain misunderstood, stigmatised and invisible. As a result, those affected feel increasingly silenced and rarely seek help or support for their illness. This event aims to address the fear and stigma surrounding these disorders by providing an open and thought-provoking discussion of eating disorders in modern society. The event aims to create a discourse in the public and professional spheres around the difficulty in navigating eating disorder interventions within our society. Using lived experience examples it is hoped that this event will provide a fresh perspective to the multidisciplinary approach that eating disorders prevention requires (within a field that often places focus solely on the mind or society, and rarely are these considered together). As a result, the discussions from this event will be captured and used to inform the shape of prevention research emerging in this area.

This is a unique example of where the mind and society clash and the psychology is interconnected with the social aspects. This leads to a number of questions;

  • How can we consolidate our cultural norms within recovery for eating disorders?
  • How can we effectively challenge deeply entrenched social norms or achieve meaningful recovery while still interacting with our community?
  • How is our society changing to align a health body with a health mind?

This workshop element will encourage audience interaction through the use of polling, reflective questions and question submission throughout the event. The use of personal experiences will be used to compliment the evidence-based approach of this event by inviting an eating disorder ambassador to perform “Stand-Up to Eating Disorders” in which he shares his personal experience of living with Anorexia in a sketch, tackling the issues of stigma, gender bias and recovery from an eating disorder in an innovative and uplifting way. The audience will be invited to join an open discussion with researchers and local eating disorder charities to explore the realities of eating disorders in modern society.




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