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NHSCSP Audit of invasive cervical cancer

16 March 2015

Since April 2007, the regional Quality Assurance Reference Centres (QARCs) in England have adopted a standardised protocol for capturing screening data on all cases of cervical cancer. The data are aggregated in a national database for the purpose of audit, with the aim of monitoring and improving the service.

Annual national reports detailing the data collected as part of this audit are published as feedback for the many individuals who make this audit possible.


NHSCSP Audit of invasive cervical cancer: Fourth National report 2009 - 2013 
Final version February 2014

This, the fourth national audit report extends the period of scrutiny to March 2013 and includes data on cytology and histology review under the new audit guidelines implemented in 2012. It includes 8,784 cases diagnosed between April 2009 and March 2013, together with 17,270 controls.

Download PDF here [PDF 602KB]

NHSCSP Audit of invasive cervical cancer: Third National report 2009 - 2012
Final version June 2013

This, the third national audit report, includes 6,508 cases diagnosed between April 2009 and March 2012, together with 12,841 controls, presenting data on the most recently diagnosed cases only. We have therefore prioritised timeliness over data completeness, and readers should take note of the caveats attached to this approach. Detailed colposcopy data is presented for the first time.

Download PDF here [PDF 617KB]

NHSCSP Audit of invasive cervical cancer: Second National report 2007 - 2011
Published May 2012

This, the second national audit report, includes updates to the data presented in the first, and extends the period under scrutiny to March 2011. Cytology and histology review data are presented for the first time, and a section summarising future audit related developments is also included.

Download PDF here [PDF 719KB]

NHSCSP Audit of invasive cervical cancer: First National report 2007 - 2010
Published July 2011

This, the first report arising from the NHSCSP Audit of Cervical Cancers looks at data from 6,231 women with cervical cancer diagnosed between April 2007 and March 2010 (an estimated 90 per cent of all cervical cancers in England), together with 18,783 controls.

Download PDF here [PDF 657KB]

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