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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Roseann Kealy

Clinical Trial Project Manager Centre for Cancer Prevention



I joined the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, later to become CR-UK, as the IBIS-I data management assistant, in 1999.  At the time, our department was about a quarter of its current size.  I combined this role with initiating the IBIS-II trial until taking over full responsibility for the IBIS-I Study in 2004, following the departure of the existing Project Co-ordinator.

The IBIS-I Study closed to recruitment in 2001 and was granted epidemiological cohort status in 2008.  I now oversee the long-term follow-up of these participants.  At present, we receive cancer morbidity & all cause mortality data from the HSCIC, for the cohort, and I have recently submitted an application to receive the same type of data for their counterparts in the IBIS-II Studies, (Prevention & DCIS).

In addition, I am completing & submitting applications to each of the relevant organisations in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland which will enable us to receive Hospital Episode Statistics for all of the IBIS Studies.

I have also worked on the IBIS-II Post Treatment Questionnaire and conducted risk assessments and related activities for prospective CPTU studies, roles which I very much enjoyed as a contrast to my IBIS-I work.

Finally I am working on a breast cancer risk study, the central hypothesis of which is that awareness of personal breast cancer risk will better predispose women to adopt lifestyle behaviours which may reduce exposure to post menopausal breast cancer, other chronic diseases and improve their health and well being in mid life and older age. The long-term aim is to offer women information about their personal breast cancer risk and/or inform them of the kinds of lifestyle factors which can affect this, as part of the routine breast screening service.



Clinical Trial Co-ordination