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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine (WIPM)

Dr Christophe Clesse


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Psychiatry

Telephone: 020 7882 2022
Room Number: 2.03 Old Anatomy Building


Dr Christophe Clesse is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, who is working on the link between inflammation and depression (INTREPID Study) in the Center of Psychiatry.

Before taking up this position, Christophe studied psychology at an undergraduate and postgraduate level in France. After obtaining a master’s degree in clinical psychology, he worked as a clinical psychologist in a national psychiatric hospital and a dispensary for general population for 8 years. During this period, Christophe also completed his PhD (Psychical Impact of Episiotomy) at the University of Lorraine. He was also Lecturer Associate for undergraduates and postgraduates students at the University of Lorraine (Psychology department and Biosciences department) and the Midwife School of Nancy (France).

Related to his previous professional practice and research fields, Chris's main research interests and expertise are related Psychiatry and Psychosomatic (soma/psyche interaction ; depression) ; community psychology (deinstutionalisation, psychosocial rehabilitation integrative therapeutic approches); psychosexuality (perinatality, parenthood, femininity/maternity, masculinity/paternity and gender studies) and projective methods (Rorschach test ; mentalisation).

Chris has expertise in clinical psychology, health psychology/psychological medicine and psychodynamic studies. With his background he especially appreciates creating connections between fields of psychology and disciplines, in order to promote better places allowing people to be themselves in a good psychological health.