Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Dr Lucy Clark


Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Email: l.clark@qmul.ac.uk


In the 1990's Dr Clark completed a both bachelor and masters degrees in Sport and Exercise Sciences, also working in health and fitness during that time.

In 1998 she started working as a researcher at Kings College London on a randomised controlled trial comparing graded exercise with cognitive behaviour therapy for primary care patients with fatigue.

In 2005 she completed her PhD in this field and continued to research fatigue in primary care. At this time she also assisted with some research into headache in primary care and took on some lecturing roles.

In 2007 she moved to Queen Mary, to undertake a study looking at the cytokine response to exercise in secondary care patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

More recently she has been managing a trial of guided self-help for patients diagnosed with CFS in secondary care, the emphasis of the guidance being a graded return to exercise and activity.

She also continues to work as a personal trainer outside of QMUL.



Chronic fatigue syndrome
Randomised controlled trials
Research methods
Trial management
Complex interventions
Graded exercise therapy
Exercise psychology and physiology
Exercise as a treatment for chronic illness