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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine (WIPM)

About the Antenatal Screening Service

This page contains information about the Wolfson Institute Antenatal Screening Service at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London.

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About us

In 1988 researchers at St Bartholomew’s Medical School described the triple test or the ‘Barts test’ – an antenatal screening test for Down syndrome and open neural tube defects.  They successfully introduced the test into clinical practice.  Over the following three decades the team based at the Wolfson Institute has pioneered advances in screening including the use of the Integrated test, Combined test, Quadruple test and most recently Reflex DNA screening which is currently the safest and most effective form of antenatal screening for Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome. The Antenatal Screening Service has been providing antenatal screening for Down syndrome and open neural tube defects  to women since 1989. We currently perform approximately 80,000 screening tests a year, making us one of the largest antenatal screening laboratories for fetal anomaly in the UK.

Our work


The Antenatal Screening Service provides screening on a routine basis to a number of NHS hospital trusts in the UK.

For a list of hospitals that currently use our service please click here listofhospitals.pdf [PDF 38KB].  We also provide a ’fee paying’ service for women who are not offered their test of choice at their local hospital.  This includes DNA screening.

Find out more about our services and read detailed information about the range of tests we offer.


We believe that an essential part of any screening service is an education and training programme for health professionals involved in screening. The Antenatal Screening Service run a number of courses on screening throughout the year, including a one-day study day on screening for Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome. We are also able to provide tailor made training sessions for individual hospitals .

Find out more about the education and training courses offered by the Antenatal Screening Service.

Contact Us

If you want to know more about screening tests or any of the other services we provide, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Antenatal Screening Service
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