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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Wolfson postgraduate recruitment success 2020

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Despite uncertainty due to Covid-19, and the late release of A-level grades holding up undergraduate results, the Wolfson teaching team have continued to recruit at or beyond their set targets. For the 2020 academic year we have taken on a total of seven new PhD students across all centres (one in CEPM, two in the PNU, two in CCP and two in CFP), to bring the Wolfson’s total to 33 PhD students. In addition, the Wolfson’s Mental Health Postgraduate teaching team have this year again exceeded their recruitment target, with a total of 195 enrolments, well ahead of last year’s 172. The Institute’s taught postgraduate student population has now more than tripled since 2016, and the number of taught courses we offer is also on target to rise in the coming years.