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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

UK Covid and Gynaecological Cancer Study (UKCOGS) Launched

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented changes in gynaecological cancer treatment delivery in the UK, with many aspects of the patient pathway affected and treatments prioritised and modified. The UK Covid and Gynaecological Cancer Study (UKCOGS) launched on 27 April is a multi-phased study recording and assessing changes and outcomes in patient care across the patient pathway, within the multi-disciplinary team context. 53 UK sites have now registered, and the British Gynaecological Cancer Society has awarded the study COVID19 research funding.


The study will be conducted from the Wolfson Institute by co-lead Professor Ranjit Manchanda (Wolfson) in collaboration with Professors Sadaf Ghaem-Magahami (Imperial), and Sean Kehoe (Birmingham). Professor Rhian Gabe and Dr Adam Brentnall of the Wolfson Institute will contribute as members of the steering committee. Phase-1 is an audit to gather baseline data around treatment decision making and outcomes, through a one-page data collection sheet, and UK centres and units treating gynaecological cancers are being invited to take part. The study is supported by the BGCS, RCOG, NCRI Gynaecological Cancers CSG and number of gynaecological cancer charities.    

More information can be found on the UKCOGS research page.