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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Survey reveals plant-based restaurant meals loaded with salt

In the largest survey of its kind, The Wolfson Institute’s Action on Salt research group have exposed the reality that many ‘healthy’ sounding plant-based and vegan meals served at UK eating establishments are shockingly high in salt, with some containing more salt than eight McDonald’s Hamburgers.

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The survey of 290 plant-based meals from over 40 restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee chains, found that almost half (45%) contained 3g or more of salt - half an adult’s maximum daily intake of salt in a single meal. Wasabi’s Pumpkin Katsu Curry Yakisoba contained 10.3g salt - more than eight McDonald’s Hamburgers, and nearly twice the daily salt allowance for an adult.

The eating out sector are lagging behind retailers and manufacturers in salt reduction, and Action on Salt are calling on the government to bring salt targets for this sector in line with the rest of the food industry.