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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

International cognitive assessment test translated into Bengali for the East London Parkinson’s Project

Wolfson Preventive Neurology Unit team member Tahrina Haque has completed the formal translation into Bengali of the widely used and internationally recognised Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) for detecting mild cognitive impairment.

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Tahrina is a Bilingual Research Assistant recruiting Parkinson’s Disease patients from the Royal London Hospital to the East London Parkinson’s Project. About a quarter of the patients recruited are Bengali, with limited or no English communication skills. The authorised translations of the face to face and telephone assessment versions of the tests will be published on the MoCA website, and Tahrina will hold the copyright. This translation will make a positive contribution to both research and clinical practice, and will be helpful not only for the Bengali community in the East London project, but also in Bangladesh. Tahrina’s work is funded by Barts Charity.