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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine (WIPM)


Research in the Centre for Psychiatry (CfP) focuses on the prevention of negative outcomes and promotion of life-long health and wellbeing for individuals with mental disorders


One of the entrances to Queen Mary University of London with students sitting outside

Our research areas include:

  • Interface between mental and physical disorders: Understanding the shared aetiology and coexistence of mental illness with other disorders to inform development of preventive interventions e.g.:
         o Cancer (SURECAN)
         o Traumatic injury and surgery (Maxillofacial Surgery and Trauma Centre)
         o Psychodermatology (Royal London)
         o Coronary Heart Disease (ALSPAC, Cambridge)
         o Covid-19 (PHOSP network)
         o Brain/Mental Health Research Group (PNU Wolfson)
  • Focusing on public mental health and health inequalities, investigating how cultural factors and psychosocial adversity lead to poor health outcomes and multi-morbidity.
  • Understanding the impact of life stress/genetic factors on mental illness (e.g. depression and bipolar disorder) and other medical conditions (e.g. cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, cancer) to reduce risk for premature mortality.
  • Prevention of violence and radicalisation: Preventing violence in psychiatric, prison and community settings and understanding the role of mental disorders and social factors in radicalisation risk.