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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Medical Screening

The centre is widely acknowledged as Britain’s foremost academic unit engaged in the theory and practice of medical screening. We are actively engaged in research, teaching and practice in many areas of medical screening.


The Centre, together with its laboratory, is Britain’s leading research and service facility in the field of antenatal screening for Down Syndrome and neural tube defects following Professor Sir Nicholas Wald and colleagues’ first description of the triple or Barts test in 1988.

We conduct research into one of Britain’s most common single gene disorders: familial hypercholesterolemia, responsible for early cardiovascular disease.

We are regarded as Britain’s leading academic authority for the theory and practice of medical screening and house the editorial offices of the Journal of Medical Screening.

The Centre has led contemporary thinking into the most effective screening for cardiovascular disease, including specification of a combination pill (the Polypill) used in the primary prevention of the disorder.

We conduct one of the largest randomized trials of H Pylori screening in the prevention of stomach cancer and are now exploring the use of DNA sequencing methods.