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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Epidemiological Methods

We pioneered developing the methodology used in multiple marker antenatal screening for Down’s syndrome.

We have developed the methodologies for the meta-analysis of screening studies. 
We developed a new method that overcomes the limitations of current metrics used to express the health benefits of preventive medical strategies.

We have established the mathematical basis for population screening involving the use of quantitative variables such as serum cholesterol, blood pressure and in pregnancy, serum and ultrasound markers of congenital malformations. 
The methods have been universally adopted throughout the world.

We have now produced new metrics that fairly express the health benefits of public intervention which overcome limitations associated with standard methods such as relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction.

We are one of the leading groups that have developed the criteria and methodology of evaluating screening tests and developed methods of applying meta-analyses to screening tests, an approach previously largely limited to randomised trials and cohort studies.

We have produced an on-line  which translates relative risk estimates into estimates of screening performance, namely the detection rate (sensitivity) for given false positive rates (1-specificity).

We have proposed an interactive on-line meta-analysis audit trail illustrated here.