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Wolfson Institute of Population Health - Barts and The London

Louise Mary Cadman

28th January 1965 - 7th November 2020

It was with great sadness that we learnt that Louise Cadman passed away on 7 November 2020,  after a long battle with malignant melanoma. She was comfortable, not in pain, and had her family around her, as she had wanted.

Louise joined my team at ICRF in 1994 as a specialist nurse practitioner, and moved with us to the Wolfson in 2002. Her work focused on projects related to HPV and cervix cancer. Aside from her central role in conducting our numerous cervical screening studies, she became particularly well known for her work on self-sampling and patient views on screening.

Some of the early work was done at the Whittington Hospital with Professors Albert Singer and Dennis McCance, and followed shortly after Herald Hausen’s  ground breaking discovery of the central role of HPV  as the causative agent for cervix cancer, for which he received the Nobel Prize. Louise worked closely with Anne Szarewski, and together they formed an amazing clinical team, which produced a large number of key studies, some of which are listed below. Early work focused on establishing the role of HPV testing as a useful screening modality, using some of the original HPV tests, which were very tedious and laborious to perform. One of the first major screening studies was done at the Margaret Pyke Centre, and its success led to the more definitive randomised HART trial conducted in 11,085 women attending screening in 161 family practices associated with five referral centres in the UK. In this study the HPV test was added to routine cytology and women with borderline cytology or negative cytology plus being HPV positive were randomly allocated to management by immediate colposcopy or repeat testing and colposcopy at 12 months. This, and subsequent studies, led to the widespread adoption of HPV testing as the preferred primary screening test. It also led to an explosion of commercially available HPV tests, and our PREDICTORS studies, of which there are now five, were the only set of studies to look at a wide range of HPV tests in the same woman, initially in a referral population, but subsequently in the screening context, and more recently for self sampling. These studies confirmed that very similar results were obtained in a range of HPV DNA tests, and also provided some of the first evidence that the Aptima RNA test was as sensitive as the DNA tests for CIN3+, but importantly was more specific in that there were fewer positive results in women without disease, thus avoiding unnecessary colposcopic referral. Self sampling has more recently emerged as an attractive option for cervical screening, and one of the first studies of this was our 2007 paper in almost 1000 women attending screening. Work on self-sampling is still ongoing, and challenges remain as to how to best invite women for self-screening, and which methods are most effective. Our early 2007 results have now been confirmed in many studies, and our most recent paper, in which Louise took the lead, examined a range of vaginal collection devices plus urine to determine how best to undertake self-sampling. We also conducted a large study of non-responders to routine screening invitations to determine willingness for self-sampling. This work reflects Louise’s major interest in understanding the patient’s views about cervical screening. Of particular note are her studies on the perception of screening among ethnic minorities, and among women who have undergone sexual abuse.

Louise’s contribution to the scientific output of the department has been enormous, and much of this work would not have been undertaken without her continued devotion. She was also a great colleague and dear friend to many of us at the Wolfson Institute. I personally will miss her pleasant smile and willingness to help wherever needed. She is irreplaceable and will be sorely missed.


Jack Cuzick, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine



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