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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine - Barts and The London

Cancer Screening

The team conducts research evaluating current approaches to screening and investigating potential new screening technologies.

We study how to optimise the efficacy and cost-effectiveness, and minimise the harms of screening programmes. We research technologies to improve existing screening programmes; and others for cancer sites for which no tests yet exist.


We evaluate current approaches to screening and study new screening technologies.

We aim to identify how to optimise the efficacy and cost-effectiveness, and minimise the harms of screening programmes. Specifically we generate evidence on screening intervals, the benefits and harms of screening at different ages, and reasons for differences in screening performance. Additionally, we research risk-based screening and the potential for personalised screening regimens. Varying screening intervals and technologies based on individual risk has the potential to deliver greater support to those at greater risk and minimise screening harms to those at lower risk. We have a track record of research that has changed cancer screening guidelines and policy.

We study technologies with the potential to improve existing screening programmes and others with the objective of developing screening at new sites. For instance, we are studying vaginal self-sampling which may improve cervical screening coverage. And, together with Professor Fitzgerald’s group in Cambridge, we are studying the potential of a Cytosponge to screen for Barrett’s oesophagus and to reduce mortality from adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus. We will assess polygenic risk with the goal of developing risk-based personalised screening intervals for breast and prostate cancer.


Main ongoing projects include:

  • Policy Research Unit on cancer awareness, screening and early diagnosis

A full list with details can be found under Research Projects.


  • Oleg Blyuss - Statistician
  • Amanda Dibden - Statistician
  • Professor Stephen Duffy - Professor of Cancer Screening
  • Rhian Gabe  - Professor of Biostatistics & Clinical Trials
  • Dr Jonathan Myles - Senior Data Manager
  • Joy Li - Statistician-Research Methods Training Fellow
  • Dharmishta Parmar - Senior Data Manager
  • Daniel Vulkan - Statistician
  • Emma Wang - PhD Student