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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine (WIPM)

Centre for Cancer Prevention

We conduct research into the prevention of cancer with particular focus on preventive therapy and screening. We are involved in clinical trials and epidemiology and as such our work is essentially collaborative.

Activities encompass prevention studies, screening studies, treatment comparisons, prognostic factors and biomarkers for survival, and aetiological studies of risk factors and biomarkers for developing cancer.

The analysis of data from these projects often requires the development of new mathematical and statistical techniques, and we have an active interest in the development of new methodology. 


We focus on identifying and validating interventions for reducing the risk of cancer. Much of the work involves medical interventions.

The team conducts research evaluating current approaches to screening and investigating potential new screening technologies.

The Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory (MEL) develops and evaluates tests and biomarkers for screening, diagnosis and prognosis of cancer.

The Barts Clinical Trials Unit is a UK Clinical Research Collaboration registered CTU providing support for trials of treatments and preventive interventions, in cancer, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Unit has a five-year programme to research policy issues in the three broad areas of cancer awareness, cancer screening, and early diagnosis of cancer, to inform policies for improving stage at presentation of cancer and thus reducing mortality from the disease.

The centre has an active programme of research into statistical methodology relevant to epidemiology and clinical trials both from an applied and theoretical perspective.