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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Peter D White

Emeritus Professor Centre for Psychiatry


I am Emeritus Professor of Psychological Medicine, having retired from QMUL at the end of 2016. I also retired in 2016 as honorary consultant liaison psychiatrist at St Bartholomew's hospital and the co-lead of the East London chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) service.

My clinical work involved assessing and caring for patients who have both a physical and mental health problem, such as cancer and depression, as well as co-leading an assessment and treatment service for patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

I qualified in medicine at St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, and then trained in general medicine in Southampton, after which I received my psychiatric training at the Maudsley and St Bartholomew's Hospitals.


Research Interests:

Research interests have included illnesses affecting both mind and body and understanding the links between them.

This research has helped to establish the independent existence of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), its heterogeneity, and relationship with other functional somatic syndromes, the place of infections and exercise intolerance in causing and maintaining CFS, and the role of rehabilitative treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy and graded exercise therapy in improving health ( More recent studies have explored the factors leading to poor quality of life after cancer, and developing interventions to improve it.

Current projects list:

  • Neurophysiology of pain in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (with Dr Julius Bourke)
  • Graded Exercise Therapy Guided Self-help Treatment (GETSET) trial for patients with CFS
  • SURECAN – SUrvivors Rehabilitation Evaluation after CANcer; a study to develop an intervention based on Acceptance and Commitment therapy to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors
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