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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Sally Hull, MRCP, FRCGP, MSc


Honorary Clinical Reader



Dr Sally Hull is an honorary clinical reader in primary care development, since retiring in March 2021. Sally was a GP in Tower Hamlets from 1981 until 2016. She was a founder member of the original London Hospital Department of General Practice teaching team in 1984, working with junior and mid-career researchers to encourage development of their academic careers.

For 25 years, Sally was one of three clinical leads at Queen Mary University of London’s Clinical Effectiveness Group, which uses the data from GP clinical systems to improve population health in east London. In this role, she established the Community Kidney Service in collaboration with Barts Health. This allowed shared access to the GP record and reduced the need for hospital visits in 80% of Chronic Kidney Disease referrals. Her research spans the methodology, delivery and evaluation of quality improvement in primary care, with a particular interest in health economies and the disadvantaged areas of east London. She is currently completing her work as an honorary member of the Clinical Effectiveness Group.



Research Interests:

Health inequalities and delivery of primary care
Improving chronic disease management in primary care
Chronic Kidney Disease, management and outcomes


Hull, S; Mathur, R; Badrick, E; Robson, J., Boomla, K. Recording ethnicity in primary care: assessing the methods and impact. British Journal of General Practice 2011; 61:290-294

Hull SA, Dreyer G, Aitken Z, Chessor A, Yaqoob M
How does ethnicity affect the prevalence and management of CKD among diabetics in east London? Quarterly Journal of Medicine, 2009; 102(4):261-9

Hull SA, Hagdrup N, Griffiths C, Tudor-Hart B, Hennessey E. Boosting Flu Immunisation: A randomised controlled trial of telephone appointing in general practice. British Journal of General Practice, 2002, 52, 712-6

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