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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Katharine Jenner, RNutr MSc


Head of Campaigns Centre for Public Health & Policy

Centre: Centre for Public Health & Policy



Within my role at the Wolfson Institute of Population Health, I am a Registered Public Health Nutritionist and Director of CASSH (Consensus Action on Salt, Sugar and Health) and its international arm WASSH (World Action on Salt, Sugar and Health), a charity organisation concerned with the health effects of a high salt and sugar diet.

I am responsible for the management, decision making and running of all aspects of the award-winning charity’s advocacy (campaigns, policy and public affairs) and staff under the guidance of the Chairman, Professor Graham MacGregor.

I was previously Chief Executive Officer of the patient's association Blood Pressure UK based at the Wolfson, a national charity which aims to reduce population blood pressure to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

I am Chair of the Children’s Food Campaign, previous Chair of SugarSmart and the Better Hospital Food campaign, Trustee of Sustain and sit on various advisory panels. I am a lecturer in public health nutrition, have a background in media strategy, and in delivering healthy eating sessions for people living with HIV as part of The Food Chain's 'Eating Positively' programme.


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