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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Mr Zakariah Gassasse


NIHR Pre-doctoral Fellow in Health Economics

Website: ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3079-1563


I obtained a BSc in Global Health from Queen Mary University of London (2015-2018). I also hold an MSc degree in Health Economics from University College London (2018-2019).

Before joining Queen Mary University of London, I worked as a Higher Executive Officer in Macroeconomic Statistics at the Office for National Statistics and a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Global Health at Queen Mary University of London.


Research Interests:

I have wide ranging interests in health economic evaluation and healthcare policy with particular focus on cost-effectiveness analysis in clinical trials, statistical and epidemiological analysis of non-communicable diseases, and the impact of economic recessions on health systems.


Gassasse, Z., Smith, D., Finer, S., Gallo, V., 2017. Association between urbanisation and type 2 diabetes: an ecological study. BMJ Global Health 2, e000473. 

Russo, G., Silva, T.J., Gassasse, Z., Filippon, J., Rotulo, A., Kondilis, E., 2021. The impact of economic recessions on health workers: a systematic review and best-fit framework synthesis of the evidence from the last 50 years. Health Policy and Planning 36, 542–551. 

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