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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Mr Elisha Chung, MSc pharmacology

Clinical trials manager



I am a clinical trials manager with an academic background in Pharmacology. Post academia ive been fortunate to have opportunity to experience diverse range of roles working in clinical research in both academia and the NHS, from a patient managing clinical research coordinator to the technical aspect behind fluid biomarker research. I have worked in a variety of studies in oncology (soft tissue and Lung), neurodegenerative disease and ophthalmology.

I am currently the Clinical Trials Manager for EVEREST-HN which aims To develop and evaluate a patient-reported symptom-based risk stratification system for suspected Head and neck cancers optimises healthcare resource use to improves the patient experience, leading to faster diagnosis.


Research Interests:

I have a long-standing research interest in biomarkers for use in detection, diagnosis and treatment for various cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.


Outstanding Publications 

Plasma phospho-tau181 in pre-symptomatic and symptomatic familial Alzheimer’s disease: a longitudinal cohort study Antoinette O’Connor1,2 ● Thomas K. Karikari3 ● Teresa Poole1,4 ● Nicholas J. Ashton3,5,6 ● Juan Lantero Rodriguez3 ●Ayesha Khatun1 ● Imogen Swift2 ● Amanda J. Heslegrave2 ● Emily Abel2 ● Elisha Chung2 ● Philip S. J. Weston1 ●Ivanna M. Pavisic1

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