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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Cancer Prevention Unit


Visual representation of cells and DNA

and Ranjit Manchanda

The Unit comprises statisticians, clinical trial experts, epidemiologists, clinical academics and researchers focusing on methods for cancer prevention.

Our research portfolio includes CRUK funded trials for endocrine prevention of breast cancer, a CRUK Catalyst award to determine how aspirin prevents cancer, and studies of HPV testing approaches (especially self-sampling) for cervical screening. We undertake studies related to population-based germline testing, for risk prediction, stratification, targeted screening and cancer prevention; evaluating mainstreaming genetic testing approaches at cancer diagnosis; management of increased risk; and studies to improve surgical prevention of gynaecological cancers. We also work on health economic analysis in the above areas. 

  • Endocrine prevention of breast cancer.
  • Aspirin for prevention of colorectal and other cancers.
  • Population testing for genetic factors and cancer risk.
  • Risk adapted screening.
  • Use of polygenic risk score and dominant genes to improve risk assessment.
  • Self-sampling screening for cervical cancer.
  • Surgical prevention of ovarian and endometrial cancer.
  • Implementation of mainstreaming genetic testing at cancer diagnosis, including direct to patient testing.
  • Cost-effectiveness analyses of genetic testing and prevention strategies.



Prof. Jack Cuzick

Prof.Ranjit Manchanda

Dr. Belinda Nedjai




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