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The William Harvey Research Institute - Barts and The London

Research in Focus

Our institute is made up of over 530 scientists and clinicians from over 45 countries. In this section, we highlight the work being undertaken by our researchers, including their interests and motivations. 

Dr Trinidad Montero-Melendez, Postdoctoral Researcher (Biochemical Pharmacology)

"Being a Biomedical scientist is about deciphering how nature created life and us the way we are, perfecting organisms for thousands of millions of years, and how we can tweak those mechanisms to improve our health and success as a species."
Jack Williams

Dr Jack Williams, Postdoctoral Researcher (Endocrinology)

"My primary interests are in signalling networks, identifying novel regulators of both healthy and disease physiology."

Dr Gloria Lliso-Ribera, Clinical Research Fellow (Experimental Medicine and Rheumatology)

"Seeing patients in clinic with such bad arthritis or resistant disease drives me on to want to identify clinical tests which will ultimately result in all patients with rheumatoid arthritis having an excellent response to therapy and live without joint destruction or pain."

Mihai-Nicolae Podaru, PhD student (Microvascular Research)

"My dream is that a novel therapeutic approach would improve both the life quality and expectancy of millions of people worldwide."