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Barts & The London - The William Harvey Research Institute

News from 2016

News, research stories and announcements from the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London.

December 2016

White blood cell treatment could prevent leading cause of foetal death
Treating a type of white blood cell using hormones could improve the development of the placenta in women with pregnancy complications according to early research led by QMUL.

October 2016

Maternal blood test may predict birth complications
A protein found in the blood of pregnant women could be used to develop tests to determine the health of their babies and aid decisions on early elective deliveries, according to an early study led by WHRI's Dr Marika Charalambous.

Research summary: Enzymes responsible for tissue repair
r Jesmond Dalli explains how his new research has uncovered enzymes that are crucial for the repair and regeneration of 
tissues, and could lead to new treatments for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.   

WHRI researchers identify link between immunity and 'holidays'          
A team of researchers at the WHRI are investigating ways in which holidays, music or a change of environment can bolster our immune systems in the fight against disease

September 2016 

Major global study reveals new hypertension and blood pressure genes
hirty-one new gene regions linked with blood pressure have been identified in one of the largest genetic studies of blood pressure to date, involving over 347,000 people, and jointly led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the University of Cambridge.

July 2016 

A new hope for reducing uncontrollable blood pressure
At The Royal London Hospital, on 30 June 2016, the Barts Blood Pressure Clinic became the first hospital in the country to provide two NHS patients with the innovative Barostim Neo™ device that could transform and save the lives of people living with uncontrollable blood pressure. 

June 2016

The Fox Got You project visits WHRI labs
London-based Swiss artist, 
horticulturist and founder of The Fox Got You project has recently published the findings from her visit to the William Harvey Research Institute. 

April 2016 

Parliamentarians pay visit to WHRI researchers
Chris Green MP, Stephen Timms MP and Baroness Neville-Jones were welcomed by researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) on a visit organised by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).