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The William Harvey Research Institute - Barts and The London

Success at the first-ever online WHRI Annual Review

The first virtual William Harvey Annual Review took place on Wednesday 24th June 2020 on Microsoft Teams.  

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The John Vane Medal

The programme included the John Vane Award Lecture, selected talks from WHRI researchers and online poster sessions.

This year, Professor Nicholas Morrell from the University of Cambridge was awarded the John Vane Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of pulmonary hypertension research. This award is presented every two years to celebrate outstanding innovation in biomedical science.

Professor Morrell is the British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiopulmonary Medicine at the University of Cambridge’s School of Clinical Medicine. He is a clinician-scientist and Director of the new Cambridge Heart and Lung Research Institute.

Professor Sir Mark Caulfield, Co-Director of the William Harvey Research Institute, commented: 

"It is a real honour to name Professor Nicholas Morrell as the recipient of the John Vane Medal. Especially in view of his long association with William Harvey Research Institute through our John Vane memorial conferences and his outstanding achievements and contribution to the field of pulmonary hypertension research, which was at the heart of our founder Sir John Vane’s work.”

Awards on the day included:

John Vane Award Medal – Professor Nicholas Morrell FMedSci

Best talk prize - Regis Joulia
Neutrophil subendothelial cell migration is regulated by perivascular mast cells in vivo

Best talk prize - Vanessa Lowe
Role of cardiomyocyte-derived c-type natriuretic peptide in myocardial infarction 

Best poster prize – Eirini Marouli
Mendelian Randomization analyses reveal a causal effect of thyroid function on stroke risk via atrial fibrillation

Best poster prize - Chung Lim
Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor-Interacting Protein (AIP) Prevents Spontaneous Activation of NF-kB 

WHRF Lay Communications and Travel Award - Laura Deelan  (1st place)

WHRF Lay Communications and Travel Award runner up - Chris Smith (runner-up)


WHRI Annual Review 2020 Programme [PDF 217KB]


Watch Session 1 

Watch Session 2

Watch Session 3