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CVCTU Committees

The Barts Cardiovascular Clinical Trials Unit (CVCTU) is overseen and directed by a Steering Committee, and adoption of trials onto the CVCTU portfolio is managed by Scientific and Resource Committees. 

Strategy Committee

The CVCTU Strategy Committee oversees the strategic development, vision and work of the CVCTU, including:

  • Delivery of clinical trials within the cardiovascular field with existing teams at the Barts Heart Centre
  • Promotion of the CVCTU to Investigators within Barts Health NHS Trust and Queen Mary University of London, and wider clinical networks as the CVCTU develops
  • Generation of external grant income to support the CVCTU core team
  • Review of resources and recruitment of staff
  • Oversight of the CVCTU trial portfolio and research management.

Members of the Strategy Committee include: 

Chair - Professor Amrita Ahluwalia - CVCTU Director
Dr Dan Jones - CVCTU Clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Ajay Gupta - CVCTU Clinical Senior Lecturer
Jessica Adams - CVCTU Trials Unit Manager
homas Godec - CVCTU Senior Statistician
John Whiteley - Director, Strategic Development & Delivery
Barts CTU Representative

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee will review clinical trials submitted for CVCTU portfolio adoption on scientific excellence, appropriateness of study, capacity and capability. 

Meetings are held bi-monthly, and decision for adoption and CVCTU support of the study (unconditional or conditional) will be made and communicated to the Lead Investigator.

Studies may require further review by the committee if the original submission was an outline funding submission, prior to the full funding application.

Members of the Scientific Committee include: 

Chair - Professor Amrita Ahluwalia – CVCTU Director
Dr Dan Jones  - CVCTU Clinical Senior Lecturer - Clinical Lead for Intervention Studies
Dr Ajay Gupta - CVCTU Clinical Senior Lecturer - Clinical Lead for Prevention Studies
Jessica Adams - CVCTU Trials Unit Manager
Thomas Godec - CVCTU Senior Statistician
Barts CTU Representative: Dr David Collier/Prof Rhian Ghabe
BHC Research Director: Prof Anthony Mathur/Prof Pier Lambiaise
BHC Representative: Prof Andreas Baumbach
BHC Representative: Dr Neha Sekhri

Resource committee 

The Resource Committee will review studies submitted to the portfolio in terms of resources needed to run and support the study, risk assessment, recruitment strategies, study costings, and project accruals. The Resource Committee will assess the study following approval for adoption (as given by the Scientific Committee). The review may be performed remotely via email.

Members of the Resource Committee include: 

Chair - Jessica Adams - CVCTU Trials Unit Manager
Amrita Ahluwalia - Director
Alexandra Papa – Quality Manager
Charlie Mizon - CVCTU Clinical Trials Coordinator
Shahana Chowdary - CVCTU Clinical Trials Monitor
Simon Menezes - CVCTU Database Development

If you are interested in seeking our advice or collaborating with us on a study, please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or email.

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